Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fun in the Sun!

Playing Water
Yesterday was a beautiful day outside and so we took advantange of the warmth and played outside. Kaai worked on the new playhouse he is building for Kalei and we decided to play water. The water was freezing but it was fun anyway.

Kalei had fun making the boat go in circles

Say cheese!

Even Hala'i tried her feet in the water, She didn't like!

Our litte "white" hawaiian girl.


Pretty in Pink!

I have been dieing to get the girls matchin outfits but I have to wait till Hala'i is a little bigger. So the next best thing was matching colors. I thought they looked so pretty. I even got lucky and got a smile out of Hala'i. Priceless...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lets hear it for the Boys!!!

It was another great week for Ursua family football. Sadly JohnJohn was sick and was unable to play, but mom said he is better and should be good for this coming week. Although his team did pull out the victory, but i don't know the score.
Kealakehe Vs. Waiakea
Varsity did awesome this week, winning 58-12.

Kealakehe's Jordan Ursua (5) speeds down the sideline headed for the end zone while returning a second-quarter punt for a touchdown during the Waveriders' 58-12 win over Waiakea Saturday. Ursua is being pursued by Waiakea's Douglas Vares (35), left, and Kristofffer Daquep (45), center.

SUU vs. N. AZ
Another bummer for SUU this week, they lost 19-14, but it wasn't for a lack of trying. Hard fought game but they are still working out a lot of kinks. However dispite the upset the highlight of the game for me came early in the forth when Jared caught a pass to score SUU's second touchdown. He also got to play a couple plays as QB.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Football Gameday!!

Sadly to day is game day and I am stuck at home unable to support any of my brothers. First Uncle Jared plays N. AZ, and I just found out from my mom he will be playing starting QB not to mention tonight is SUU's homecoming game. This is why is sucks only having one car...Blah! Anyway I wished him good luck and I will be cheering for him no matter what happens.
Later tonight Kealakehe plays Waiakea. Little brother John got sick yesterday and will be out for tonights game, which means he must be really sick because this boy never sacrifices a game, cold or growing pain...litterally. But we hope he gets better and he should be back next week.
Uncle Nai'i should be playing QB this game and hopefully the team has less mistakes this week and came pull off a big win!

On a side note, my mom called to telll me about this article that the Hilo paper wrote on Nai'a and the game he had last week. It is amazing to me because the Hilo paper always writes great articles about Kona teams, or the players where the Kona paper sucks and never writes anything worth reading. So this is the article and shout out to the Hilo paper for a good article. But no forget one man can't win the games and Nai'a is only as good as his line. So big ups to the whole Waverider 08 team. Good luck this week gang!

Ursua powers Kealakehe's attack
By Kevin Jakahi
Tribune-Herald Sports Writer

Published: Friday, September 19, 2008 12:19 PM HST

The Kealakehe High School football team has a dangerous weapon in Jordan Ursua, whose speed makes him a touchdown threat every time he touches the ball. He's the biggest reason a fifth straight league title is within reach for the Waveriders.
Last season as a receiver, Ursua had over 1,000 receiving yards. He made his Big Island Interscholastic Federation debut at quarterback in Kealakehe's 27-23 win over Hilo on Saturday. What makes him so valuable as a receiver or slotback is his yards after the catch. Plus at slotback, he's a matchup nightmare and draws a double team, which opens up single coverage for someone else and helps the running game.
Despite being hunted by the Vikings' defense, the 5-foot-10, 175-pound senior had a pretty solid game at quarterback. He rushed for 128 yards and one touchdown on 19 carries. Ursua completed 11 of 19 passes for 133 yards, but he tossed two interceptions. The primary function of a quarterback is to manage the game, having the mind-set much like a point guard in basketball. Scoring touchdowns is good, so is moving the chains and minimizing mistakes. Turning over the ball is not good, especially when it is converted into scores for the other team.

Against Hilo, the Waveriders had five turnovers, losing the turnover battle to the Vikings, who had one turnover. One interception led to a Tai Izawa field goal; One fumble led to another field goal. Kealakehe will host Waiakea on Saturday and see a different type of defense. There's now game tape on Ursua at quarterback, and it will be dissected by the Warriors' coaching staff.

Waiakea will immediately notice a few things:

* Ursua's speed. Numerous times he was bottled up in the backfield, but he raced to the edge, turned a corner, and outran a pack of wolves for a positive gain.

* Ursua's shiftiness: When he wasn't flushed outside, he ran through the teeth of the defense, displaying rabbit-like lateral movement as if he were slalom skiing downhill.

* Ursua's play-action run or pass. He got most of his yards on draws. He'd take the snap from shotgun, wait a second as if he were scanning the field for a pass, then bolt through a hole. That set up his pass. He'd get the snap, head forward, which made the secondary think run, pull back and fire the ball.

* Hilo's rush lanes. Too often the Vikings rushed right at Ursua -- instead of at his outside shoulder -- which allowed him to sidestep trouble and skate to the outside and down the sideline.

The front seven also got bumped off their gaps when Ursua galloped down the middle. That's when he turned a sack or a loss into a gain. The defense threw five on the line and brought eight in the box, but all Ursua needs is one small hole.
"He's very elusive and he has good speed," Kealakehe coach Gary Clark said. "Because he has game experience, he makes good decisions. Our last drive was a great example. We mixed up passes and runs and his leadership shone through."
Down 23-21 to Hilo with five minutes left, Kealakehe started its 11-play scoring drive from its 20-yard line. Whenever there was a key moment, Ursua made a play and kept the comeback alive.
On third-and-9 from the 22-yard line, Ursua ran for a first down. He attempted and completed one pass on the scoring run, an 18-yard strike that moved the ball past midfield.
The 'Riders drew 14 penalties during the game. They got a yellow flag for delay of game in the red zone (20 yards and in), where the toughest yards are found.
That was nothing more than a molehill. On third-and-6 from the 9-yard line, Ursua ran for 8 yards, when both sidelines knew he was running. The next play, he scored on a 1-yard sneak behind center with 1:11 remaining.
Despite 14 penalties for over 100 yards and five turnovers, the Waveriders still won. Their defense played like an aggravated bear, compiling nine tackles for losses. Their special teams had pitbull coverage, especially on the kickoffs.
The Vikings, in order, started from their 20, 20, 44, and 20 on kickoffs. Charles Clay returned a kickoff 39 yards in the third quarter to give Hilo great field position, but the offense couldn't capitalize.
Afa Tualaulelei had a huge stop on Hilo's last drive. On the second play, he blasted through the line and dropped the tailback for a five-yard loss that pushed the ball back to Hilo's 11, an impact-making moment because the Vikings eventually had a Hail Mary shot from their 40-yard line.
The pass was incomplete. The game was over. Kealakehe walked off with a win, thanks to Ursua's running

Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy 2 months Hala'i!

Only 2 months has pasted but Hala'i has grown so much. She gets up in the morning with a big smile everytime and squacks to who ever will listen. I have a feeling she will be a talker like Kaleila'a. Her lasted mileston though is rolling over, when laying next to me on my bed she somehow wiggles her way to be right up against me and when I get up she gets enough momentum to roller over. She has done it a few times but she usually starts on her side, this morning however she was on her back and rolled to her tummy. It was cute.

2 Months...

2 Fast!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ment 2 B!

Growing up I loved music but didn't really start listening to it on my own until I was about 11 or 12. Until then whatever I listened to was what my dad played in the car i.e. UB40, Hoaikane, Ka'au Crater Boys, or what he played at home like on christmas we never went without listening to Stevie Wonder and Jackson 5...NEVER!. So as grew up I was exposed to whatever my dad listened to. In about the 6th grade I wanted to listen to stuff in my room so I took my dad record player and put it in my room. Now remember this was the 90's already but my first music player was his record player, and the only records he had was Stevie Wonder recorder. Classics. This is where I first heard, Master Blaster (later remixed by a young local singer but I never thought he did it justice), Happy Birthday, Isn't she lovely, Love's in need of Love, and an unknown song call I am singing which he sings in African, French and then English. Now in my family this song is special because back in '86 or something when my dad was a body builder he used this song in the Mr. Waikiki competition which he actually took 2nd place in. But I feel in love with this song simply cause it's awesome (well to me anyway).
Ok fast forward till one week ago, I had put the song "I am singing" on my phone and was playing it as I was cooking when Kaai heard it. I was surprised when he got excited to hear it and said that he had been looking for that song forever. I looked at him strange simply because most people have never even heard that song unless u are a major Stevie fan. So anyway he jumped on the computer so he could listen to it more. So I had to ask how it was that he know MY SONG :)! He told me that when he would stay at his aunty's house, she would play this song all the time. And when she would leave his brother and him would turn it on and blast it.
I had to laugh because this is not the first time this has happened with music that we both love. I think it is jsut another reason we are ment to be.
**So now u have that u have listened to it on our playlist, u have introduced to the wonder that is Stevie, cause he da bomb!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Like Sister Like Sister

Once upon a time when Kaleila'a was a tiny baby she would fall asleep in her daddys arms.

Now two years later her little sister has found the same comfort.

**Notice the line of drull down Kaai's hand, she was tired...

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Although we were not able to watch this weekend my 3 brothers played some good games. First Uncle Jared played against Montana. They lost but Jared did get the ball three time for about 16+ yards. Nothing amazing but atleast it was someting. I am still very proud of him for his hard work and dedication to the team. They are a young team and they will come around.

Next came our hawaii boys. Both Nai'a and John play for Kealakehe Waveriders. John (Kalanikoki) plays JV wide reciever. According to mom Kalanikoki scored one touchdown and helped with the extra point. JV won Hilo 38-6.

Now Vars was a whole nother game. According to mom this game was totally fustrating, cause Hilo refs suck big time. Talk about JUICE! Bad calls from the refs and silly mistakes from Kealakehe made it difficult to play as well as they should have. Although the highlight for me is that Kanai'a stepped up and played quarterback. For weeks now everytime mom and me talk the conversation goes to Nai'a and the team. She has been trying to figure out why he hasn't wanted to play QB to help the team. The kid they had is a joke, he is a sophmore who only played pop warner, can u say BUBBLE GUM! Anyway the coaches were trying to give this kid the opportunity to play QB because well who knows, I guess they thought they had nothing else. Kanai'a on the other hand was kinda taking a backseat and playing reciever, even though he has 2 years expericence playing QB, but he wanted to catch not throw. But there was nothing to catch as he discovered in there first couple perseason games cause this other kid can throw but not with accuracy or with the power needed for varsity. So this week by some miracal Nai'a took the lead for his team and played with composure, which is what they needed when the refs call crap and things don't go your way when u need it to. I am so happy to know that he was a leader out on the field when his team needed him.

This is pieces from the Hawaii Tribune-Herald written about the game.
"Kealakehe (1-0) was sparked by running quarterback Jordan Ursua and Justin DeSilva, who gained 97 yards on 19 carries. Ursua ran for 128 yards, most on draw plays, on 19 attempts. He went 11 of 19 for 133 yards and two interceptions.

Last season, Ursua racked up about 1,300 receiving yards, but against Hilo he started at quarterback for the first time. He may not be the quarterback next week because the team is trying to develop sophomore Dominick Trevino, who threw one incompletion."

"Ursua is quick, shifty and we want to get him the ball in the open," Clark said. "We need his game experience and his leadership for a young offensive team. We want to bring our young quarterback Dominick Trevino along slowly. The key is getting the chains moving and Ursua does a good job at that."

"We wanted to get the ball rolling, get the team's confidence up and get a win under our belts. Ursua may not be at quarterback next week. It's a game-time decision. But we need him in the game because he does so many things."

Growing up in my family we my mom has always encouraged all of us to stay involved in something, but my brothers it has always been sports. And no matter what we as a family have gone to everything from soccor games, football, baseball, and even track. I don't know how much it means to them, but I loved watching them play, win or lose. And now being so far away I miss being there to support them in what they do. I can say that I am extremely proud of each of them for how hard they work. Keep it up guys!

Monday, September 8, 2008

A Family Weekend....

This weekend was super fun. My whole framily got to take advantage of moms flying benefits and came up to go to Jareds first home game. Everyone came from my Mom and Dad plus all three of the kids. It was exciting for them because it was the first time they got to met Hala'i.
Hala'i mets Grandma Ursua

Hala'i mets Grandpa Ursua
Hala'i mets Uncle Nai'a
Hala'i hanging out with Aunty Kani'ai (Aia as Kalei call her)

We spent the weekend eating and laughing. Then they hightlight was the game. Jared (my brother) goes to Souther Utah and plays football. This was their second game of the season but their first home game so it was exciting that we could be there as a family to support him. And his highlight was when he scored the first touchdown for his team.

Unlce Jareds scores for his team!

A diving effort, but it started the game out with a bang! We were very proud to be there to see it.

After the game we got to take pictures all together which if we are lucky only happends once a year.

My three brothers Kanai'a, Jared and John

Mom and Dad with Jared.

Kalei showing her support for Uncle.

The whole family...Kalei, Kaai Mom, Dad, John, Jen, Jared, Nai'a, Kani and Hala'i

Playing Dress Up!

The other while hanging out at Aunty Audz's house, Kalei and Kanoe decided to dress up like princess. Now this is the first time Kalei has ever done something like this. I was afraid that with her love of trains and cars that she might not be ver girlie. However that has changed since hanging out with Kanoe who has many girlie things. Now Kalei know who Barbie is and even has her own baby who she enjoys taking care of (sometimes).
Watching her play dress up was the cutest thing although to be honest she cared more about the shoes then the dress which was so me when I was young. She is really becoming quite the little girl.