Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy B-Lated Everything!!

Ok so once again I have failed at this whole blogging thing. I missed every major holiday the year had to offer, and I even missed my daughters birthday. I AM SO FIRED!!! Anyway here is a breif recap so maybe I can redeem myself...

SO for christmas I only took video (cause i'm kinda dumb), but they are way to long to post. It was a really nice holiday though. This year wa really different because Kalei actually got excited about what she got. We bought her a scooter and she loved it, plus a basketball hoop which was equally as thrilling when we finally opened it. Hala'i pretty much just like the wrapping paper instead of the gift. As to have been expected. We felt very blessed this christmas mostly just to be together and enjoy the day.
IN between Christmas and New Years, Kaai's sister Polly and her boys Seth and Kena came to visit. It was a fu to have visitors especially since it snowed like crazy and they were freezing the whole time.

This is everyone on the top of the hill by Kaai's parents new house enjoying the slope. It was a great snow for sleeding.!

NewYears brought another visitor. My sister Kani (Aunty Ai'a as know by Kalei) came up to spend the week with us. It was shopping and watching our favorite shows together pretty much, but that is how we roll.

Here as Kalei teaching Aunty Ai'a how to do the sparklers. She had fun with what little we got for New Years, she loves sparklers... Then she never even last long enough to watch the big fire works. Sleeper! At 12 thought Kaai, Kani and Me went up the road to see the whole valley and watch the big fire works, it was beautiful to see clear to Salt Lake and down to Draper, even Lehi and all the fireworks. Not quite like Hawaii fireworks but it had its own charm and that was kool.
January brought two milestones. Hala'i turned 6 months, a whole half a year already. That is just crazy to think about. It all just happens to fast.
Jan. 21, 2009 Kaleila'a turned 3! Holy Cow, my baby is 3! I don't even know what to say to that. She is growing up to be a very bright little girl. I am excited to see what this year will bring for her to learn.

To Celebrate her birthday we went to Jumpin Jack. This place with bouncy slides and fun stuff like that. Kanoe and family came and the girls had a blast. It was hard to get them off when it was time to go. It was great this time cause the first time we went I had to go with Kalei. This time She was brave enough to go by herself. She loved it (and so did I wink wink).
Now that Kalei is 3 I can get her involved in different activities. So I signed her up for a tumbling class through the school district. It made me almost cry the first class cause it was cute to see her in a class setting following directions and interacting with the other children. She loves going though and is really good at her sumersaults. The teacher really like her. This is a picture of her doing a back flip with the teachers at her second class. Should be fun to see what she learns by the end.

Well here is to a great year and whateverit will bring. Yipee!