Friday, December 19, 2008

A Blessing For Hala'i...

We were finally able to bless Hala'i. It only took 4 months to get the grandparents here to be part of the circle, but with a little bit of faith and a good prayer it all fell into place. I have to say Thank you to my mom and dad for taking a two day journey to Utah special to make it happen. Thanks to my father-in-law for also taking the time to come up for two days just to be part of the circle. Thanks to Uncle Keli'i and Uncle Kendall and Fam for sharing that special moment with our family, and for sharing their preisthood with us. But mostly Thank you to my husband for keeping himself worthy to excersise his preisthood in the way that the Lord intended. A fathers blessing is always the most special.

The Little Girl of the Hour... Always gotta have something in her mouth.

The circle... Grandpa Ursua, Uncle Kendall, Bishop Slater, Grandpa Frandsen, Daddy, Hala'i and Uncle Keli'i

Grandma and Grandpa Ursua...

Gummy and Papa Frandsen

Our Little Family... Kaleila'a, Kaai, Hala'i and Jen

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

4 Months Too Soon...

Happy 4 Months Hala'i!

Ok so Hala'i actually turned 4 months like a couple weeks ago and will be 5 months next week I really wanted to put write about all the new stuff she is doing lately that is just too cute.

= She laughs... and not just a haha kind of laugh but Kalei can really get her going and it is so funny to watch. =

=She is starting to move... Since she has learned to roll over she has also started to learn to move. Mostly backwards or sideways but it can be fun to watch when she is trying to get her hands on something. =

= She has learned to hold her bottle. When she wants it bad enough she will grab it and hold it all by herself. Gotta teach um young...=

Here is to whatever may come next!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Long Time No Write...

**Ok so I totally suck cause I have not updated this thing in like month... But here is an update in photos of the lastest that has been happening. **

We got to spend Halloween in Kona with my family... Kalei was Tinkerbell and Hala'i was a punpkin. Kalei had fun although she kept it short (thankgoodness) and Hala'i feel asleep before we even finished looking at the candy.

We got to watch uncle Nai'a and uncle John play the last home game of the season and win it in over time. It was an awesome game and I was soooo happy that I could be there to support my brothers. Kalei was excited to watch uncle play football. Now that it is over she is still telling me we have to go to the game.

I got to take the girls to the beach. It was Hala'i's first time and she liked the water. We went to Keiki ponds so it was mellow enough to play. Kalei even made a little friend while we were there. Even this she is still asking to go the beach... I wish!

Kalei got to play with Uncle Nai'a the crazy one... They had fun playing water cause it was a warm day...

Hala'i learned to roll over...

I think she was pretty proud of herself...

Two things are this picture: One I periced her ears cause I was tired of people caller her a boy, and Two she discovered that she can suck her thumb and put herself to sleep. It was pretty cute to watch.

At the end of our trip we made one last stop to to visti my Great Grandma Eva. She loves the babies and I had to take Hala'i to met her. All she kept saying was "oh i love this baby, oh look at this baby, i love this baby..." She is the cutest little lady. We love Grandma!

This is 5 generations one my moms side that were all together... My Great Grandparents: Eva and Ben, my Granpa Ronnie (in the yellow my moms dad), My mommy Laurie (in the green), Me JenJen, and my babies Kaleila'a and Hala'i.... Priceless!

The final leg to our journey was a stop in Cedar to watch Uncle Jared play football. Tuti's(Jared's nickname for Kalei) favorite... Go T-Birds!
After this it was goodbye Grandma and a long drive back up north. It was a wonderful trip home to Hawaii. I was soooo happy to go, sad to have to leave Kaai but happy to spend time with my brothers and sister. Happy that Kalei got to play with her Uncle's and Aunty Ai'a. Proud to support by brothers in there last games. Glad I was able to help out around the house for my hard working parents. Excited to eat local food "shout out to Aiea Hights for the ono plate lunch and shout out to Safeway Kona for making the best Tako Poke". Stoked to go the beach and enjoy the warm weather the right way....

I was sad to say goodbye when it was time to fly but I know Hawaii is alway home... Now it will make the next trip even sweeter. Until June....(sigh)