Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Kaai "1980"

Kaai "2008"

Today we say Happy Big 28 for Kaai. We spent a nice day as a family and he got to enjoy his girls... all he wanted. So Happy Birthday Babe heres to another great year.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Enjoying Family Time.

A Full Day...

Since Kaai is starting a new security job he didn't have to work till 11 at night so we thought we would take advantage of the day. So first we got ready and went shooting. He need to shot his new gun for work to make sure it was working right and just get a feel for it (incase the unthinkable happens and he has to use it). We took Kalei with us and Hale'i stayed home with Kaais mom. It was way to hot and the gun would be too loud. So we drove out past Saratoga Spring (which is a really nice drive) and found what has become the normal spot at the top of this hill. Kalei stayed in the back of the van and counted the bullets and Kaai and I had some fun shoting some water bottles for target practice.

If anyone would have told me that I would spent my weekends shooting guns with my husband for fun, I would have said #&!! NO! However I learned very early in dating him that if I really wanted to spend time with him I needed to learn things he like to do, this included (but is not exempt to) learning to shot all types of guns. It started with bee-bee guns and pellet guns, then he taught me how to use a paint ball gun so we could go play. Then he even bought me my own paint ball gun for my graduation present from college. Next it was air-soft guns, this was fun cause we got the kids in the family involved and would have battles with them. Now we have really upgraded to real guns. Although I am not as afraid of them as I once was, believe me if he didn't need it for work we would not have it in the house.

Something fun 4 Kalei ...

Later that day we took Kalei to go and play at this new place close to our house. Its called Jumpin Jack and its just this warehouse filled with those boucey slides and stuff. It was awesome and for only 5 buck for each of us to play it was money well spent. We will definetly go back but next we take some friends cause by the time we were done ho I was hanging.

Kalei showing her great jumping skills.

This was her favorite slide and of course it was the one that was the hardest to get too. But she was brave enough to do it by herself a couple of times.

This was her boxing with the blue thing.

I highly recommend this place or any place like it. Dude it was fun she couldn't stop laughing and was loving every minute it was sad when it was time to go home.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy One Month Hala'i!

Man how she has grown. In one month she gain a lb. and grew an in. and figured out how to get her way... almost. Hala'i has been a good baby and we feel very blessed to have her.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another Pet!!

Ok in that little bowl is another pet. Kaai's brother decided that Kalei need a fish too. Atleast it is something easy to take care of. Although I tried to get her to hold the container and she wasn't having that. She does like to talk to it though which is cute. She decided to name it Blue, I think cause that it was color it is but who knows. So this is Blue Kalei's new friend. (U can't really see it but its there)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lazy Dayz!

Hala'i spends much of her dayz just sleeping, which is great for me cause that the only time I get anything done (like this). She must have some good dreams though cause she is always smiling when she sleeps, especially after she eats.

When she is up she is bright eyed and alert to what is going on around her. Not to mention she is always wiggling, like Kalei did, and we can't keep her still so...I guess I know what we have to look forward to.

Since her piko finally fell of I got to give her a good bath and at first she was unsure how she felt about it, but when she got comfitable she really like it and just enjoyed the water. Now she likes bath time and doesn't even cry when she gets in.

Kalei has become quite fond of her little sister and enjoys sharing her toys with her. I hope that last even when sister gets old enough to just take it from her. HAHA. But for not it is cute to watch her share.

Kalei was very excited when I asked her to hold Hala'i, she likes being helpful. Here Hala'i is two weeks old. Time really flys.