Sunday, May 31, 2009

Here is the actual video from the ultrasound. Oh the wonders of technology.

Here Comes the Boy!

Ok so for those who do not know Yes we are having another baby... and yes we just had one. I know, I KNOW! However we are excited to announce that this time around it will be alittle different. It is a Boy! We are thrilled and a little scared, but definetly looking forward to a new addition to the family.

These are not the greatest pictures but I haven't figured out how to get the DVD of the ultra sound to convert. I'll get though, then you can really see the whole things really good.

I'm a Big Girl Now!

10 New things about our 10 month old....
1. Hala'i has her first tooth. Her front left tooth came out May 5th and she has loved playing with it everyday.
2. She can crawl as fast as we can walk. It took her a little while to get up on all 4's but once it did it was over, nothing has bee safe since.
3. She lovers to talk...or atleaset try to talk. She can may "mama" and "dada" and even "baba". It is pretty funny to hear her go on and on in the morning when she wakes up, "mamamamama, dadadada, mamama" 'slap' as she trys to wake you up.
4. She has her own big girl chair to sit in now to eat her food. She loves a good snack and she definetly knows when it is dinner time.
5. She has figured out how to climb up the stairs. At first she didn't really care but now we can't keep her off of them.
6. She can wave Hello and Goodbye.
7. She has learned to give kisses when you ask her for one. I like to tell her 'Honihoni mama' and she leans in and sometimes she'll give me her check to kiss and othe times she will hugg my head and give me a big wet one.
8. She loves to put stuff in her mouth. Now that she is a mover we can't put anything on the floor and we have to vaccum like everyday cause she will find the smallest things to pick up and suck on.
9. She know how to give you the stuff she has in her mouth. Hala'i has learned that when I ask her what she has in her mouth she will stick out her tounge so that I can take it out.
10. She loves to laugh. Hala'i as this fake laugh that she does when others are laughing or sometimes just for nothing. It's like a hahaha but it pretty funny to hear.
Here is to growing up....It just happens to fast.