Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Dead of Winter

There so much snow on our porch that Kaai build Kalei a little snowman. She thought it was pretty neat.

Jan. was a cold time to move what I was thinking... I know i'm crazy. It was litterally that dead of winter and yes it was freezing. But when your warm and cozy the snow is beautiful.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

One Last Goodbye with Friends

Before we left there were some people that we couldn't leave without sharing out love with. For Kaai it was his boyz Tom and John, who were able to celebrate his birthday with us. One that will be remembered for a long time.

For me it was saying goodbye again to the one group of friends who I have loved and grown with through high school, college, kids and husbands. Thick and thin, we have grown together and it was a tearful goodbye but like always we will find a way to keep it together. JKTM

As a Family 2007...

As a family 2007 was a year of many changes. Kaai got a new job landscaping for vaction home in Haaula while still working at PCC and maintaining our yard buisness. Work was never in shortage for him. I finished my 3rd year of teaching at a school in Kaneohe, but once summer hit I knew that the time had come to stay home and take care of my baby. It was not a difficult decision but it took a lot of faith to put it into action.
Once summer was over we soon realized that maybe it was time to make a change and expand our horizons. We soon knew it was time to take the next big step in our lifes and decided it was time to say fairwell to Hawaii (for a time atleast). By December we were moved out of our place in Laie and staying with family for the holidays.
Though it was difficult to leave the one place that both Kaai and I have loved as home we knew that one it will alwayz be there to return too and two it will never leave us. So after many weeks of packing, two garage sales and many trips to the dump, we packed up our lives and make the big move to UTAH in the dead of winter. Yea I guess we really are that CRAZY!!

Happy 1st Kaleila'a

Jan. 21, 2007
Kaleila'a turns 1. She was one lucky girl, she got to celebrate her birthday twice. Once at home with the Frandsen clan, and then again the next day with teh Ursua gang. She got to eat a lot of cake!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Her Year In A Snapshot

Adding To Our Family

Jessie Marie Kaliela'a'ilimapunanokala
Born: Jan. 21, 2006
Kalei was a fast edition to our family. We left it in the Lords hands. (wink wink) It was a beautiful way to begin our lives together. Lots of patience but even more love.

William K. & Jennifer M. P. Frandsen
Est. March 19, 2005
Many years in the making Kaai and I had our share of trails that made us stronger. It was a long road but the blessing was the temple in the middle of it. Everyday is for learning and growing, but we have learned to take every experience with the knowledge that it will only make us better.