Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our First Family Dog!

We've been spending a lot of time at our friends the Crofts house and they have two really well behaved, mellow dogs. Well Kalei just loves them and think they are so much fun. So we have been trying to decide if we should get a dog for her so she has a new partner in crime when we are home. We looked online for weeks just to see what we could find. "KSL" news website turned up a few goood prospects but today we finally found one that looked good enough to check out. We drove out to Grantsville way out country side and found a nice rancher guy who had some mixed lab/boarder collie pups about 6 weeks old. Kalei thought they were fun so we picked one out of the 5 girls and she licked Kaai and that was it, we were sold.

Kalei was sad to leave the rest of the pups but we finally got her to say goodbye and on the drive home the two got comfortable with eachother. As we drove we asked her what she wanted to name her new puppy, and randomly she saw an inflatable bear on the side of the road and the name stuck. So this is "Bear" our new family dog.

At home we now have to find a special place for her and now I get to potty train 2 girls. I am so excited for that! Anyway Kalei and Bear are still getting to know eachother so it should be fun to watch over the next few weeks. Good Luck to us!

Kalei takes time to show Bear her toys.

The girls go for a little time outside.

Kalei tells Bear, "Come Bear, Me Bear" (Her way of telling her to follow)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Daddy's New Ride!

Saving MPG's!!

We have joined the club of scooter buyers to help the environment and save gas. Kaai gets to us it to drive to work in Salt Lake. They say this things gets on average of 85 MPG's and at 5 something to fill it I guess this is the way to roll!
He was excited to ride it after they delivered it.

Kalei even got to help daddy test drive his scooter. She was nervous at first but she enjoyed it after it was done.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father Day Kaai!

From the first time they met it was love at first sight... They were never able to part when it was time to sleep...
Then she became a Red Raider in training...
And even as independent as she likes to act she still needs Daddy to hold her hand...

For all the days when he comes home and she wraps her arms around his legs and says "My dad". And for all the nights when he rescues her from her bed to cuddle with him, she is Daddies Little Girl in every sense of the phrase and he is her Daddy in every sense of the word.Happy Fathers Day Babe... to a wonderful father.

Friday, June 13, 2008

A Nice Day Outside

Another Project with Dad...

Kaai decided to make Kalei a tire swing and Kalei decided that she had to help with whatever she could. It didn't take very long and she was thrilled to try it out when he was done.

Helping Daddy "cuck" (cut) the string.

Showing mommy her tool.

Testing out the swing...

It works great!!

Enjoying the Sun...

After swing and then taking a short drive to see the progress of Kaais Dads new place and to try to get Kalei to take a nap, we came home only for her to wake up. So I decided we need to play outside to enjoy the weather. The sun was out and not to hot anymore, so we filled the pool with some water and threw some toys in. Daddy added some warm water cause the water was a little cold, but it was nice. Kalei enjoyed the water although at first it took her a while to really get in. Since we are coming off winter and all that cold I think she forgets how much she liked playing outside back home. Now she likes to tell me "I want go in da house". The winter turned her into a hermit and now I have to counter that. Today was phase one.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Taste Of Home!

I was so excited when I got to have lunch at an L&L in Provo. I have been so hungry for a taste of something local , not to mention somthing with rice. Ho it was so ONO I was just beside myself. I thought it was equally as good as the ones at home. Maybe cause I never eat dat kine food long time, but man it hit the spot. So a big Shout out to L&L in Provo...The food was Ono. Thanks for rep'n the 808 grindz.

Now I like grind some Leonards Malasada's and it be all guud!

Our New Baby!

Just before we moved we found out that we were pregnant again. We had been trying but of course it happened at a time of major transition. Of Course! Since we to Utah in January I figured I would wait until we came to go to the Doctor. We had no idea that Kaais job would make us wait 90 days from when he started to get our insurance. So for the last 5 months we waited until everything kicked in. We tried to get help from state programs but I guess working to jobs just didn't work in our favor. We just had to live off faith and prayers pretty mcuh.
So now that it is June and I am pushing 35 weeks I was finally able to get in to see a Doctor. Thankfully things seem to be fine. I'm healthy, baby is healthy and I am on track to give birth in July. We were also able to get an ultrasound done to really check on the baby and see if we could find out what it is. Yea I know i'm no fun I like to know before it falls out. I like to know what to plan for. Although like Kalei this baby was doing what it wanted to do and giving the Ultrasound person a hard time. It took a couple tries but we finally got a shot. And like last time it is "3 lines" not "3 legs". (That is what the guy who saw Kalei told us and I just thought that was an interesting way to describe it but it works.)
Anyway now that I have been to the Doctor and seen and heard my new little one I am confident to annouce that we are having a another Baby Girl!!

This is her 3 Lines!

Because she was on her stomach this was the best shot of her head. It is the back profile.

This is her little foot which was pressing right up against my belly. We thought it was cute cause it is actually the best shot that we got of the bunch.

pregnancy week by week

Copper Mine Field Trip

Kennecott Copper Mine

We actually did this a while ago but I thought the pictures got lost so I didn't post it. Luckily they appeared so now I get to put it up. We took Kalei to the Copper Mine that is up the road from our house. It was rather impressive to see for a first timer. Kalei really enjoyed the all the machines and big trucks. Watching them do their work and dump all the dirt. We walked through the museum after and she of course was thrilled my the displays of trains and trucks. It was the highlight for her. Before leaving we went to the gift shop to see if we could find something fun to remember our trip. After touching all she could, Kalei decided that she like the magnet rocks. She also made some smashed pennies with Daddy.
It was really neat to take a field trip to come place close to home. We wanted to go see the Thomas train but gas it too expensive and a 10 minute drive worked rather than on hour. But the mine was cool and will be something we will have to see again.

Kalei poses by an old train cart. She liked the fact that it had big rocks in it.

She got excited by the big train display.

One of displays of toy trucks that they use at the mine.

Another display of trucks used at the mine.

She was trying to decided what she wanted. The hat was a good choice but the price was a good story!

These are the three smashed pennies that Kalei got to make with Kalei. She likes to play with the monies.