Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Nice Little Walk

In front of our community there is a train track. Now since Kalei like trains we decided to take a family walk and put some money down to get smashed. Along the way we ended up finding a whole bunch of already smashed coins. Kalei had a blast walking on the tracks and finding all kinds of treasures.

Kalei and Mommy checking on the money we put down the day before. Guess the train still didn't come.

Kalei and Daddy finding the smashed money stuck in the tracks.

Trying to focus so she doesn't fall. She does have two left feet sometimes.

Getting a helping hand from Dad.

Daddy's Old Toy & Kalei's New Toy

When Kaai use to live in Utah many years ago he had this 4 wheeler that he loved. Well when it was time to get married he was so good and sold it to a friend for some extra money. Well now that we are back here, his friend was cool and let him borrow it. So when he gets that chance he takes Kalei aound the yard. She calls it his "MMM MMM".

Now Kalei has her own something to ride. The other day we went shopping and saw this bike and just had to get it. We couldn't get her off this thing. So she was so excited to come home and help daddy put together her "bak" as she says. She loves to push herself around the house on this thing. Now we have the fun of teaching her how to use her feet on the peddles. Thank goodness it is getting warmer and we can go outside and ride soon.

The Last Dayz of Spring Break...

To end the break we took the kids, loaded up the van and headed for Cali. where we were going to meet mom who was with John for a basketball tournament.

The kids were so excited to know that this was a 12 hour trip. Lucky for them they didn't have to drive. Poor Kaai he drove the whole trip both ways. But I am proud to say that I stayed up the whole way both ways, which is a milestone for me since I usally fall asleep just driving for 30 minutes.

To take a break we stopped in Cedar for a little while to see Jared. He was nice enough to buy us some snacks. So what do we get.. all the mento hawaiians get ice cream bars at like 12 something in 30 degree weather. We stood outside chevron eating ice cream laugh about mom saying mahalo every where so goes in the mainland and people looking at her funny. You had to be there to laugh. It was a nice stop.

We stopped in Vegas and got some sleep at some random motel. It was kinda creepy but all part of the fun of a road trip. The next day we drove through to Cali. and made good time thanks to our good driver and our trusty old skool GPS (A giant road map book). We found mom and picked her up said hello to John and headed for our hotel, bought our tickets to DisneyLand and made our way there. It was totally packed and the lines were long but we tried to make the most of our couple hours before we had to go to Johns game.

(And yes i am pregnant not fat, incase anyone was wondering)

Disney was really fun. Even though it was packed we made the best of it. We took Kalei to ride the toon car ride in toon town and she totally freaked out. Then we took her on the choo-choo train which was the hightlight of her day. We went around the park like two times. After Johns game we went back to the park, just Nai'a, Kani Kaai and me to try to get in a few rides before the park closed. It was great! It was Nai'a first time and Kaleis but I think she still has another year before she will really enjoy it. Nai'a really liked it and I was glad that we got to be there for that. The next day we were lucky John had an early game so we had more time at the park. Kaai and Nai'a got to ride the California Scream'n and ride in the front. Kalei went with Grandma to ride the merry-go-round. The was great for her. We evern got to watch the parade with all her favorite characters like Cars, Buzz and Woody. Although she really did not like that they shot her with water. Not so fun for her. Not so fun for us either cause we just got off the rapids and were freezing since we all got soaked. BIG TIME!! after eating and mom taking Kalei back to the room the big kids went back again to rock the ride on last time. The boys rode the coaster, me and kani hit this little coaster which we thought would be buuble gum but man were we wrong. It had these crazy turns and this drop that came out of no where. BANANAS. After we hit the other side to rock splash mountain and acutally got to get on Space Mountain. The line was kinda long but it was well worth it.
Sadly John them lost the tournament but they got lucky and got to go to Six Flags, and we made Kaai and Nai'a to go with them cause that was what they really wanted to ride some good stuff. The girls went to eat at Olive Garden and go shopping. There was no reason for us to go cause none of us were going to ride or could ride so we did something fun for us. But the boys had a blast and now Nai'a had a good ending to his spring break story to tell his friends. Even though it was only 3 days this trip was one of the best trip we have had in a long time. For me and Kaai it was like reliving our honeymoon...kinda. We were so greatful to have spent that time with family and to just do some fun stuff. It was awesome and we are totally looking forward to the next family trip.
Thanks again Grandma...

Somthing New Kalei Learned from Uncle

While the keiki were here, Kalei got to spend some time with Uncle while he was checking his myspace where he has the song "No Air" on his page. I guess while he was checking it he was singing the song and Kalei totally caught on. This is a video of her singing a part of the song. You can hear Nai'a in the backround getting her to do it.

Now that she knows the song we can not sit at computer without her plugging in the ear phones and asking to listen to "No Air". She will listen to it atleast 6-8 times before we have to try to get her to do somthing else. Thanks Uncle!

Spring Break Fun!

Since moving to Utah we have missed all our family a lot. So we were so excited when we got visitors for spring break. First my brother Jared came up from Cedar where her goes to school and stayed with us while Kaai was in Hawaii for the wedding. Kalei enjoyed having someone in the house to show her room too. The following week Kaai's dad was here on buisness and got to spend some time with us. At the same time my brother and sister, Nai'a and Kani'ai were able to come since they were on break. This was the best for Kalei cause these two are very special to her. Ai'a (Kani) used to live with us in Laie so Kalei got to be very attacted to her. She was my helping hand when Kaai would go to work. And Kalei really likes her Uncles (all of them)but Uncle Nai'a is extra silly and she really enjoys him. The nice thing was how excited she got when she saw them. You would never know we haven't seen them in 3 months.

While they were here we took them to Temple Square and Nai'a got to build a snow man. Although he was bummed cause he didn't get to see the snow fall. Maybe next time. I was so happy to have them here, it felt like old times in Laie when they would come stay with us whenever they got the chance. I will miss those vacations. While they were here we also got to have Kalei's easter egg hunt, which we didn't do cause Kaai was flying home on easter.

Monday, April 14, 2008

A Good Trip Home...

After being in Utah for about 3 months Kaai was lucky enough to go home to Laie to attend the wedding of a very special friend. Thomas, Kaai's boy from hanabatah dayz got married to long time girl Sonnie. From what I heard it was a beautiful day and I was sad to have missed it, especially since Kaai had to wear a tux for only the second time in his life (the first being our wedding). Congrats to them for taking a good step in the right direction and joining the club.

Our First Family Trip in Utah

Since Kalei is such the train lover we thought a great to spend a day would be to go to the train station in Ogden. They had really cool exhibites from old train and a really long mini model train that went all over. She totally loved it. Although she was afraid of the noise that one exhibit made cause it was like the real noise. It was a good day. I think daddy loved it as much as she did, so it was make two happy in one trip. 

Happy 2nd Jessie Marie Kaleilaa "Tootie"

Jan. 21, 2008

We were excited to celebrate Kalei's 2nd birthday as a family. First we took her sledding, which she did not enjoy cause it was fresh snow and she really didn't like how it got all over her. But she did like watching daddy do it. Atleast we tryed. Later we took her to Chuck-E-Cheese and played games, kinda like when we took daddy to D&B's for his birthday, which she loved just as much as he did. When we got home she was happy to have her cake with "nummys" as she calls it (m&ms) on it. The highlight of her night I think. Later that week she was lucky to celebrate her birthday a second time when Uncle Kylee came from Texas to visit. She got lots of fun cars toys from Uncle Kelii and Uncle Kylee hooked her up with more tracks for her Choo-choo train. Yea I know good thing she's a girl. But if thats what she likes them hey who I am I to say anything. All in all I know she enjoyed her special days and that is all that counts.

Watch Kalei blow out her candles...many times

Kalei's Adventurous 2nd year...

Once Kalei learned to walk there was not stopping her. She has never been afraid to try anything and in her year to turning 2 she really took advantage of every chance she got. The funny thing is when I was pregnant with her she was a mover, there was hardly a time when she kept still, and I would tell Kaai "you watch when she comes we are not going to be able to keep her still." I think I may have done myself in with that comment, but it has proven true from the time she learned to roll over, to crawling and now that she can walk and run there is no stopping her!