Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy 3 Months Hala'i!

Man how time flys. She's 3 months and getting bigger by the minute. Hala'i is one happy baby... she always has a smile on her face and it so easy to make laugh. She even loves to talk (like her sister)... she will squack and talk to anyone who will listen or even if no one is listening. SOOO Cute!
Hala'i lovest sit up, she will stay on the floor but for only so long, she likes to sit up to see what is going on. She has already gotten pretty good at holding herself up.

When she smiles she is so silly, it is always big and just filled with joy.

Hala'i was making googly faces at her daddy.

Trying to steal the spotlight from her big sis. She is a ham.

Monday, October 13, 2008


OK so having two children has proven to be a computer time killer. Not that its bad but it is harder to find time to update this silly thing. So anyway here is the Update in so things we have been up too.

OCT. 2, 2008 Oregon State Vs. U of U

I guess I will start last on the 2nd, Kaai and I got to go to check out a Big time college game thanks to a closer family friend Suesi Tuimaunei who is more like family (who plays for Oregon). We got to watch Oregon State play U of U. Holy Cow that was a nail biter that came down to the last 2 seconds litterally. WOW it was aswesome and we were glad that we got to go support Suesi. Even though they lost it was an awesome game. It was fun too cause Audz, Kendall and Ren (Audz little sis) got to come with us. Was nice to have our little Iosepa St. cheering squad.

OCT. 4, 2008 SUU Vs. Youngstown St.

Next in our week came our saturday trip to SUU to watch uncle Jared play. Dang it was freezing and raining the whole time but that what family is for...right. We had fun but it was a bummer cause we had to leave so Kaai could get back for work so we could only buy him McDonalds then bounce for the long drive back. But atleast they won so it made for a good trip. Go T-Birds!

OCT. 10, 2008 Picking Pumpkins

This past weekend we took some time to go and pick some pumpkins from a real pumpkin patch. It was a really cold day so we tried to make it quick and even though Kalei was not feeling to hot that day we made the best of it. Daddy helped her pick a big one for her and then I helped her pick a little one for Hala'i. Then we took a family pic to remember the day.

Daddy helped her pick a big one!

She realized that it was kinda heavy!
Helping Daddy push the our pumpkins!
A Frandsen Family Moment! AWWW Precious...hehe

OCT. 11, 2008 Changing Seasons!

The next day we decided to go for a drive before going shopping. We decided to go up to Alta and drive up the canynon. It was beautiful because there was the contrast of the changing leaves against the fresh snow. Yes oh my gosh it started snowing, it is freezing again...blah. So we got to play in the snow.

The beauty of a chinging time.

Our freezing family moment!