Sunday, July 20, 2008


Jordyn LeiAnn Hala'ikamau'ea'ano'ai'oli
July 18, 2008
7lb. 14 oz.
19 in.

We went in Friday morning because I was schedualed for an induction, which turned out to be a good thing. And by the looks of this picture I don't think I needed to wait any long. HAHA

This time it was just me and Kaai. Last time it was a total family affair but I liked this better. Just me and him, and he was good support, silent but there. That was all I needed this time.

Hala'i came with 5 hours of me being induced and only 20 minutes of pushing THANK GOODNESS!! She came with a good cry and it was a beautiful sound. Once she was clean and wrapped up tight she was calm and quite.

In the hospital this was about as close as Kalei would get to her. She wasn't sure what to do around Hala'i and she really didn't want to touch her.

Being Home...

Kalei has warmed up to her little sister and like being my helper and giving her her binki when she starts to cry.

She was happy to smile while holding Hala'i.
Hala'i just hanging out... 4 days old and growing!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July

Kaai was happy cause for the 4th of July we got to spend it with his Mom and two brothers. We ate ono food and then popped some fireworks later that night. It was a nice time at home. Just enough.

Kaai and Kalei had to test the sparklers while we were cooking the steaks outside.

Uncle Kylie had to show Kalei how it is done.

The stash of fireworks Uncle Kelii brought for him and Kaai to burn.

Gummy helping Kalei light the sparkler in the candle.

Kalei cheers on the one of the many fountains. She thought it was great!

Kaai is laughing cause he just scared Kelii with some pops and made him jump when he was lighting a flower.

The last of night, until the 24th.

My "Holy Crap" Moment...

Last week I got up and got dressed like regs then turned on Kaleis cartoons for her and went to take the dog out. Well as I walked out the front door I totally forgot that I had to pull out the dead bolt because the handle on the door knob is broken and can't open from outside, so I closed the door behind me and realized what I had done. I locked myself outside while Kalei was in the house watching t.v. So I let the dog do her thing then I started knocking to get Kalei's attention. When she came out we worked on trying to open the door. After that didn't work we tried looking in my back pack for the extra garage door opener, but once she saw the snacks in my bag she got distracted and that was the end of that. Later I tried to get her to climb on the couch so that she could unlock the window for me so i could climb in there but that was totally a lost cause. Now I know most are think go through the garage, which yes I thought of but I don't know the code, and I had left my phone in the kitchen so I couldn't call Kaai. So for two hours I tried to get Kalei to do what she could to help and she tried but never really followed through, except with trying to open the door. I even tried climbing up the back porch (cause there are no stairs), and I got up but couldn't get over, my tummy was in the way. So finally I went net door hoping someone was home. Luckily someone was and I used their cell phone to call Kaai to get the code of the garage. Kalei was happy I was back in the house when I finally got in.
That was totally scary and when Kaai came home I made him fix the door knob so now it actually opens from outside. Even though it is fixed I still get scared everytime I go out that I might not be able to get back in. Not an experience I want to have again.

Hanging with the Brothers...

Last weekend we were got to spend time with Kaai's two brothers. So the boys wanted to spend it shooting. It was super hot but we had fun.

Kaai is looking offical with his belt on while the two guys are just keeping kool. Kylie is having his first shots with Kaai's 38 special and Kelii is attempting to shoot the shot gun, Kaai is jut playing supervisior.

This is Kaai and Kylieshooting the shot gun. Kylie was scared at first but after a couple trys he didn't want to put it down. If you watch close you can see how much of a kick the gun has, and how important it is to put your weight on the right foot. It was not bad for a first try.

Even I got in on the actionand tried the hand gun. The kick is pretty mean but I did pretty good on my second try and hit all the targets. I have a hard time getting over how big I am, but there is me shooting in there.

Even Kalei got in on the action by counting the bullets and clays for her Daddy. She even tried throwing them but it didn't get very far.
She gave up after a while and decided to go sit in the car where it was cool and hang out with the dog with a good drink.